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This Guy Came Out As Gay By Creating A Life Event On Facebook

"The one thing that I learned from Harry Potter saga is that nobody should ever live in a closet. You have got only one life. Live it well. Play it well. Don't be afraid of anything or anyone."

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This is how he came out publicly on Friday.

Facebook: 751925948

Singh said he wanted to inspire all those who are still in closet out of fear that others won't accept them.

"People reading this post would ask – Does it matter to anyone? Why do I need to shout the truth aloud?" he wrote. "If I lose friends, family and my loved ones over this, it is important to me. If this post could give courage to others, this is important to them. I don’t expect support as much as I expect respect as a human being. There are so many people out there who are still struggling to come out. I just want to give a message that you are not alone and I am with you."

He said that people have also been calling him up asking him for advice and congratulating him for the post.

"Just the other day, someone called me and said that he was about to kill himself because he had lost all hope. But after reading my post, he said that it's inspired him to come out to the world," he said.