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    This Photo Series Is An Amazing Tribute To India's 4 A.M. Heroes

    Here's to the milkman, the newspaper guy, and the rickshaw driver who works all night.

    Nilay Singh, a college student and musician from Navi Mumbai, recently started a photo series on Instagram called "4 A.M. Heroes".

    "I started it with the hope that anyone who sees my photos salutes these heroes next time they see them," Singh told BuzzFeed.

    "We wake up every morning and find the newspaper at our doorstep kept precisely next to the packet of milk. But, we're too busy in our lives to acknowledge the back story as to how it happened."

    Singh explained that while changing his sleep cycle to document these heroes affected him, most of them don't sleep more than three hours a day and yet remained mentally healthy.

    "What made me wake up every morning to find them and shoot them was the fact that I knew these guys were waking up before most of us, worked harder than most of us and were the family bread winners."

    "So, this series is a tribute to all these unsung heroes," Singh said.

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