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This Guy Submits Increasingly Whacky Invoices To Get His Salary Every Month... And It Works

I mean, for now.

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"I do it for kicks. I got pissed off one day when I saw these finance guys getting into multiple 'mera paisa kab aayega' type arguments and they're hardworking people who do a thankless job, so I stopped sending emails that said 'PFA invoice' and started sending them fun emails on why I need that money. It brought them two minutes of entertainment and for me, it worked out as an easy way to separate my invoice from the others to ensure that I get my money on time," Rao told BuzzFeed.


In one he attached this video just to show how "gareeb" he is.

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"Hey Guys,

The year has almost ended and instead of sending you a long email, I want to send you a simple video to show off my financial situation.

Please watch this sad and touching video. Zyaada mat rona, please.

Bas paise de do.giphy.gif

One Day I'll be Rich, Can that day be Friday?



PS: Invoice Attached."

Rao explained that he doesn't really think about what to send as an invoice. "My girlfriend was coming back from a big long trip so she sent me a shopping list. I sent that to them."

Aniket Rao

"Good Day,

I have herewith attached my invoice. It would be fantastic if you would release my money immediately because I have many things to buy.



Sometimes he uses his mother to gain the sympathy of his boss.

Aniket Rao

"Hello friends,

Today I tell you the story of my mother.

My mother's birthday is tomorrow on 29th of August. She is not my sister. lol.

She is my mother and she likes mangoes as you can see in this picture.

I am going to buy her a peti pack of 2 dozen mangoes imported from China. But these gifts require money. And that's why I come to you.

Please help me buy mangoes for my mother.

Thank You,

Jai Hind

Jai Maharashtra

Happy Onam

Happy My Amma's Birthday."

His most intense project so far has been this video invoice, in which he has gone absolutely HAM.

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