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This Guy Keeps Trolling Everyone With "Informative" Twitter Threads And People Love It

"This is a great thread with actual inside information."

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This is stand-up comedian Rajneesh Kapoor.

Lately, he's started writing his own Twitter threads that are being read by hundreds.

They start off innocently enough...

But THEN you reach the end.

His trademark is that you have to read to the very end to realise that the bloke's been trolling you the entire time.

However, people don't seem to be turned off by it.

They actually kinda love it.

And it doesn't look like Kapoor is stopping any time soon.

Even his fellow comedians are adding on to the trollage.

And well, Kapoor is probably going to see how far he can push this.

We're on to you, Mr. Kapoor.

But please don't stop.

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