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    This Guy Is Such A Huge Fan Of "The Office" That He Used Jim's Teapot Gift To Ask A Girl To The Prom

    Even Pam loved it.

    Let's face it: We're all trying to find someone who fits with us the way Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly fit with each other.


    The one and only OTP.

    And a lot of how awesome they were as a couple stems from all the freaking amazing things they did for each other.


    Well, meet Davis Looney, a high school student from Texas, who took a page right out of Jim's book by dressing up like him and asking his girlfriend Cameron to the prom using the classic green teapot.

    Twitter: @flavo345

    For the uninitiated, in a Season 2 episode of The Office, during a round of Secret Santa, Jim got Pam a teapot filled with a bunch of their inside jokes and a letter finally revealing his true feelings.

    Looney told BuzzFeed that when Cameron saw him at school in a loose tie and white shirt, carrying a taped up teapot, she knew exactly what was going on. "I gave it to her and she was really excited."


    Looney told BuzzFeed that he and Cameron are huge fans of The Office, and that Jim and Pam's relationship was their favourite part.


    "Jim was always so creative and clever with his gifts to Pam. I was inspired by his gift to her in the 'Christmas Party' episode, and decided to do the same sort of thing with Cameron in the form of a promposal," Looney said. "She's awesome — totally deserved it."

    Even Pam approves of everyone going out into the world and being their own Jim.

    Twitter: @jennafischer

    "Having Jenna retweet and mention me was incredible. My phone blew up with likes and mentions. I received really positive support from fans of The Office," Looney added. "I'm grateful for giving all those people a laugh and for continuing Jim and Pam's legacy."

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