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    This Instagram Account Hilariously Captures Real Life Situations On Post-Its

    Post-its are the scrolls of the future.

    This is Charles "Chaz" Hutton, an architect living in London.

    Chaz Hutton

    And he's recently started Instagramming charts and graphs about everyday life, that he draws on post-its.

    He shares his insights on Kanye's genius.

    And what it's like to actually go for concerts with friends.

    Hutton told BuzzFeed that he started doodling while pondering "philosophical quandaries as Schrodinger's Takeaway Coffee" and some of life's other great mysteries.

    He only recently started posting the findings of his research after his friend and mentor Gal told him to “stop sending me fucking post-it notes and just start an Instagram”.

    Hutton said he chose post-its because they're the obvious choice.

    "If emoji are the hieroglyphics of our time, then post-its are the scrolls, I envisage that historians of the future will unfurl scrunched up ancient post-it notes in order to unlock the secrets of the 2010s to an intrigued future society."

    "Many people have expressed how they feel about the graphs using that crying laughing emoji, While some might see that as generation Y’s inability to convey basic human emotions through words alone, I see it as the highest compliment."


    "Also, it’ll be easier for future historians to read, because like, they probably won’t speak the same languages by then," he added.

    Hutton stated that he comes up with the ideas while inhabiting "a vast underground bunker at a location I cannot disclose at this juncture".


    "From the confines of this Post-It Note Observations Laboratory (AKA the Creativity Bunker), I spend minutes and sometimes hours slaving over a hot stove of creativity, desperately trying to extract something vaguely humorous out of everyday situations, many of which I’ve lost touch with since moving down to the Creativity Bunker."

    You can follow Chaz Hutton's awesome work here.

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