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    This Dude Makes Toys Come To Life By Taking Insane Shots Of Them In Action Sequences

    Seriously, they look like movie posters.

    Shahzad Bhiwandiwala, an HR professional from Mumbai, has been dabbling in toy photography for a few years now.

    He takes action figures of all shapes and sizes and photographs them in life-like settings.

    And holy hell, does he do it well.

    Bhiwandiwala got involved with photography at a young age but only came across the massive toy photography community last June on Instagram.

    "I have been an absolute geek for the longest time and have loved all things Marvel, DC and Star Wars."

    "The aim is to give a creative and expressive outlet to photographers who are still deeply connected with their inner child," Bhiwandiwala told BuzzFeed.

    "At present, in India there are just a handful of toy photographers, as one of those few, I would like to bring this art form into the limelight," he added.

    You can check out more of Shahzad Bhiwandiwala's work on Facebook and Instagram.