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    This Guy Gave His 96-Year-Old Granddad A Makeover And He Looks Dapper AF

    Pretty fly for a brown guy.

    This is Aman Kumar and his 96-year-old granddad, Ram Shankar Pandey.

    Aman Kumar

    Kumar is a graphic designer and photographer, currently based in Delhi.

    Kumar's granddad is a local farmer in Uttar Pradesh.


    For a recent photoshoot, Kumar decided to give him a makeover.

    Aman Kumar

    And he looks insanely, next-level, classy.

    Aman Kumar

    Look at him just chilling there, listening to music.

    Aman Kumar

    I mean, I couldn't even look this good if I tried.

    Aman Kumar

    Chilling like a hipster, drinking his chai and eating his samosa.

    Shanu / Aman Kumar

    Sadly, you will never look as fly as Mr. Pandey.

    Aman Kumar

    You can follow Kumar's work here.

    Aman Kumar

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