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23 Things Only Overly Competitive People Will 100% Relate To

To all the non-competitive people out there, back the fuck off.

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1. Coming in second is basically coming in last for you.


2. Everything is a competition to you, even if you're competing against yourself.


3. The only reason you attended lectures in college was so you could beat everyone else.

4. Before you do something, you do thorough research on it to ensure complete and optimum success.


5. Group projects were hell, because you knew there'd be that one guy who would fuck it up.

6. So you prefer to just do it all yourself.


I mean, let's face it, you're the one that's going to bring home the gold anyway.

7. You LOVE playing any kind of game.

8. But you've been told you get a little ~too~ intense sometimes.

9. And they are 100% right. Who plays games just for the heck of it?


10. Because of this intensity while playing, you've lost a fair amount of friends during game nights.


11. But the sheer euphoric high you get from winning is worth losing one or two people in the process.


12. People who say everything isn't a competition are the goddamn worst.


13. You've never backed down from a challenge, even if it was completely ridiculous.

14. Your mind is a wreck every time a non-competitive person is on your team.

15. Losing at anything sends you into a mental frenzy.

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16. Being friends with people who are better than you at ANYTHING infuriates you.


17. You hate being wrong about anything, even if someone politely corrects you.

18. You use any opportunity to brag about being right about everything.


19. Correcting people is what you live for because it's basically you telling the world, "I am better than you".


Which is totally fair because I am.

20. You hate games that work on "chance". I mean, what kind of garbage is that.

21. You constantly need to know if you're doing well.

22. But more importantly, you need to know how everyone else is doing.

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23. And you are certain that this is the greatest combination of words in the English language: