There's An App That Will Send Someone To Break Up With Your SO And Get Your Stuff Back

    Happy Valentine's Day, indeed.

    Breaking up with someone is pretty hard. Which way do you go? A heartfelt conversation riddled with clichés? An impersonal “it’s not you, it’s me” text? Or simply phasing them out with time?


    And let's face it, being on the receiving end of it – no matter how amicable – is the worst.


    Well, Bengaluru "to-do" app, Dunzo, might have figured out a solution.

    The app basically works as a personal gopher service. It'll get your grocery shopping done, pick up your charger if you've forgotten it at home, get you condoms in the middle of the night; you know, all the essential stuff.

    And it's launching a whole new, not-so-romantic feature on Valentine's Day, wherein if you want to break up with someone, all you need to do is submit a request and one of the Dunzo dudes will go to your soon-to-be-ex's house and do the deed.


    And there’s more, the app also allows you to get your stuff back from the ex, once your surrogate has terminated the relationship on your behalf.


    Kabeer Biswas, the founder of Dunzo told BuzzFeed that the idea emerged from people starting a group task on the app and exchanging each other’s stuff via Dunzo. So basically the creative team decided to pocket in a feature for break ups.


    "Our runners take a picture as soon as the stuff is handed over from the pick up location."


    "As as for ex's giving up their former SO's stuff willingly, wouldn't you rather give a stranger the stuff rather than face the person who just dumped you?" he added.

    "Relationships are changing. Our consumers get all their tasks done via Dunzo because they have no time. When life’s that constrained, shouldn’t there be a more efficient way of cutting losses and moving on?" Biswas said.


    "We are not suggesting to be curt. Chat it out, address why its happening & then don't deal with the further awkwardness of getting your stuff back. Let Dunzo do it for you. That happens already. All we want to do is make the “logistics” of emotions simpler," he added.

    Yep. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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