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    Posted on 25 Jul 2016

    The World Is ROFL-ing At This Tamil TV Soap Where A Woman Gets Shot In The Head And Stays Alive AF

    And you thought Hindi serials were dramatic.

    On Saturday, musician R. Udaya Bharathi's Facebook page shared this clip of a recent episode of popular Tamil TV show Chandralekha.

    Facebook: video.php

    The video that has gone massively viral, being shared more than 33,000 times, shows a woman who gets shot in the head but doesn't die until much, much later.

    The video begins with a sniper taking the woman out, but the plucky young lass just refused to pop it.

    It's not like she was fighting for her life or anything, she seemed pretty hale and hearty. She gets off the ground pretty easily.

    Then she realises that she left her gajra on the street where she was shot, so she sends the guy to get it while she casually waits with the giant gaping hole in her head.

    Then they watched a movie or checked out a YouTube video or she was looking at pictures of her family. I mean, whatever, but she still shoulda died like as soon as the bullet entered her cranium 'cause science.

    And by the end of the video, she's still zen AF with the not dying and all.

    And you thought Hindi serials were dramatic.

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