Striking Images Show Dhaka’s Streets Flooded With Blood After Eid Animal Sacrifice And Rains

    Dhaka citizens said their Eid prayers in the morning and sacrificed their animals. However, due to the heavy rains the previous night, the streets were flooded with blood, water, and waste.

    Yesterday, Dhaka's streets were flooded with red water owing to the blood of sacrificial animals spilled during Eid al-Adha and heavy rainfall from the night before.

    Dhaka resident Edward Rees tweeted images of the floods, and the tweet swiftly went viral, amassing more than 2,000 retweets.

    A bit of rain and Eid and the roads run red with blood. #Dhaka #Bangladesh

    And people soon followed suit, flooding Twitter with images of the bloody streets.

    The clogged rainwater combined with the blood of sacrificial animals. This is #21stcentury #Dhaka #Bangladesh

    Disturbing images. Rivers of blood in Dhaka on Eidul Azha.

    Horrific streams of #blood were seen on #Dhaka Streets red with blood in wake of #EidAlAdha after animal sacrifice

    Rees told BuzzFeed that the flooding was a result of heavy overnight rainfall combined with poor drainage systems. His friend took the pictures, and then Rees tweeted them.

    "The city need not to do anything to help as the flooding water quickly receded. It only lasted for about two, three hours," he added.

    Rees told BuzzFeed that although people were a little surprised with the red flood, the entire thing was a little overhyped by the media. "Sadly there was a fair bit of anti-Muslim sentiment from people. Intolerance is a growing trend on Twitter these days," he added.

    The situation seems to have rectified itself. Rees sent BuzzFeed some photos of Dhaka's streets today and the bloody flood has dispersed.