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A Navi Mumbai Schoolgirl Caused A Massive Manhunt After Making Up A Hoax About ISIS

The Navi Mumbai student has now reportedly recanted, saying that she just did it "just for thrills" and that she described ISIS agents she had seen in photos.

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Last week, a 12-year-old Navi Mumbai student claimed that she saw a group of suspicious men dressed in black and heard mentioning ‘school’ and ‘ONGC’ near the Uran Naval base there.

Mumbai: School children claimed of seeing a group of armed men, near Naval base in Maharashtra's Uran. Search ops c…

This resulted in a massive manhunt for the men and Mumbai and Navi Mumbai were put on high alert.

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The girl described the men as wearing "Pathan suits" and "carrying weapons". Uran was immediately put on high alert and massive search operation were underway. But even after the exhaustive searches, the suspects were never found.

There was a citywide panic, resulting in many people warning their friends and family through social media.

#Mumbai on High alert. Suspicious looking men with weapons seen spotted around #Uran .Imp to note Uran is close to…

This is the sketch of suspected terrorist in #Uran #Mumbai please spread this more and more


Warnings also began circulating on WhatsApp groups.

People even applauded the student for being vigilant.

Great work by students who spotted 4 men carrying arms & ammunition wearing pathani at #Uran..just hope we find all 4 of them.

However, during another interrogation on September 25, the girl recanted her claims, stating that she was describing a picture of ISIS agents, and that the entire thing was a prank.

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According to a Times Of India report, that she decided to make up the hoax “for some thrills”. The girl's claims were compounded by other classmates stating that they also saw certain men carrying weapons.

The whole thing is once again being discussed on social media, only this time they’re spreading word about the hoax.

The Boy who cried Wolf. The girl who cried Uran.

FYI, the student has been let off with a stern warning about the consequences of her actions.

Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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