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This Indian Dude Is Going To Visit 12 Countries In 12 Months, And Do 12 Things That Scare Him

Sachin Bhandary is saying BRB to his job and life in Mumbai in favour of a bigger adventure.

This is Sachin Bhandary, a PR professional from Mumbai who has decided to quit his job and travel the world for a year starting in January.

Bhandary will embark on the "The 12 Project" which revolves around him traveling around the globe and immersing himself in 12 different cultures.


In an email to BuzzFeed, Sachin said, "I have always traveled beyond my means and resources. It is what drove me to backpack through Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia in 2010 and later to take my mother on a backpacking trip through Europe in 2013. To take a journey worth remembering was a childhood dream and I started conceptualizing "The 12 Project" in January this year."

The project will involve him travelling through 12 locations in 12 months.


Sachin will be travelling through India, Sri Lanka, New York, Peru, Brazil and more, and he says, "Every project on the trip is linked to a special yearning."

He is most looking forward to his time in Sri Lanka, Bhandary told BuzzFeed. "There are so many negative stories coming out of there that it seems it will need a special effort to find stories of hope.

He's also excited to perform stand-up in New York. "It’s a tough city to be a comic and for someone like me who was booed away at open mic nights in Mumbai, it might be a tall order to crack."

About the trials that he will face along the way, Sachin said, "Strangely enough, I have concerns but no fears just yet. Maybe, it will take time for the magnitude of the project to sink in."


"The only fear, if I think hard, is my mind and whether it will continue to believe that it is possible to see through these not-so-easy projects. Most of them will require mammoth determination, like in rock-climbing, surfing, walking through mountains or cycling across America. I have no experience whatsoever of these things," he said.

He also said that he's getting a lot of support from his friends and family, even though this is an insane venture.


"To be honest, I have the audacity to think of doing this only because my family and friends (especially my mother) are standing by me. Most of them tell me that if anybody could do something as crazy as this, then it had to be me."

You can track Sachin's journey through his website or follow him on twitter to stay updated. Learn more here.

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