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The Indian Internet Is Collectively Mourning The Loss Of Shaktiman, The Police Horse


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Shaktiman, a police horse who was attacked at a BJP rally in Dehradun in March, passed away at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

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After he was struck by a BJP legislator’s lathi, Shaktiman suffered multiple fractures in his leg, which needed to be amputated. His injury went on to spark multiple hashtags on Twitter, including #IsHorseAntiNational, which trended in India on the day he was struck. Jamie Vaughan, an American animal lover who lives in Paro, Bhutan, donated a prosthetic for Shaktiman. The prosthetic was fixed last week and Shaktiman had even learned to walk. Today, however, news broke of his having passed away.

People from all across the country have been taking to social media to mourn the loss together.

Farewell #Shaktiman. You fought a good fight. Respect.

Please! Let's give Shaktimaan a State funeral. That's the least we can do for this noble horse, who was assaulted by two legged beasts.

Some inhuman political leader brutally attacked and injured the innocent police horse #Shaktiman. Sad to hear that #Shaktiman died today.


The only heroes in this sad affair are the unsung cops who tried so desperately to save his life....

As the internet paid its respects, Shaktiman quickly became India's top trending topic.

An Innocent animal has paid with his life for an uneducated idiots' ire and machismo. #Shaktiman


Renewed anger is being directed at Ganesh Joshi, the BJP MLA who allegedly hit Shaktiman.

I'm saddened to know the demise of #Shaktiman . I'm awaiting to hear when will #GaneshJoshi die the same manner !! #RIP #Shaktiman

RIP #Shaktiman , hope strong action is taken against the culprits @ganesh joshi bjp mla #Shaktiman

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France RIP #Shaktiman