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The CBFC Might Finally Be Forced To Do Their Actual Job And Not Censor Things

In its winter session, Parliament will hear a proposal to rework the certification process, and restrict the power of the "censor board".

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According to an Indian Express report, there are some significant changes that will be made in the Cinematography Act and the bill that will change how the Central Board of Film Certification operates.

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According to a source, these changes will be brought up during the winter session of Parliament.

Reportedly, here are some of the changes that will occur:

• The entire film certification process will be reworked and changed, adding there will be two committees: one for reviewing and the other for monitoring.

• The members of the two committees will also be appointed from the National Commission for Women, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights including psychologists.

• The films will be given certificates, the categories for certification will be as follows: U12+, U15+, A and A+ (for extreme violence and sex scenes).

• The monitoring committee will not clear more than two movies a day.

• There will be a "tatkal" category for movies who want urgent clearance, subject to extra payment.

• Money collected for certification will go to the Labour Ministry, which sends the money for the welfare of the workers involved in film making.

Basically, the censor board might not be able to willy-nilly ban content in films, or the entire films. The government stated the reason they want this to happen is that "people should decide what they want to watch."