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    The 9-Year-Old Girl Running A Library For Underprivileged Children Just Got A Shit Ton Of Books

    "In today’s world, education is important and so books are important."

    Room To Read, a non-profit organisation, recently tracked down Muskaan Ahirwar, a third-standard student who runs a library called "Bal Pustakalaya" in a small slum in Bhopal.

    Room To Read

    Every day, after school, she sets up the library outside her house, and the other children from the slums come over as she reads the stories out loud.

    The NGO provided 50 of their original local language children’s books to Muskaan's library.

    Room To Read

    "These are very colourful books. I liked all of them. The drawings in the books are very good and the words are written big," Muskaan said.

    Room To Read

    She said that her favourite was a book called Chuhiya and Chidya. "I liked the story because even if the mouse and the sparrow are rude to each other, they don’t mind and still remain good friends. They keep helping each other."

    "In today’s world, education is important and so books are important. Education has a great role to play in our lives. When small children read, enjoy and laugh, I feel very happy. 20-25 children come to my library every day," she added.

    Room To Read

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