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The "Urban Ladder" Job Listing That Went Viral Seems Too Good To Be True Because It Isn’t

I'm just as disappointed as you are.

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Earlier today, Urban Ladder posted a job listing on LinkedIn seeking a "mattress tester".

The job’s responsibilities included sleeping all day. And its requirements asked that applicants have "a love for sleeping that would put Kumbhakarna to shame".

The listing stated that "a complete lack of enthusiasm and drive" was an essential skill.

Predictably, Twitter lost its damn mind.

Hey Urban Ladder, gimme this job already

The Day Has Cometh! @UrbanLadder #NowHiring *Senior Mattress Tester* in Bangalore!

Is this a joke? @UrbanLadder tell me you need mattress testers for Bombay?

While BuzzFeed India is a great place to work, it isn’t sleep-all-day great, so I got in touch with Urban Ladder to learn more.

why I'm never making anyone work on a Saturday ever again

An employee initially tried to make us believe that it’s 100% a real job, before finally calling and confirming that it’s not even 1% real.

BuzzFeed India

A spokesperson for Urban Ladder confirmed that the job listing is actually a prank. She went on to ask, "Could you not publish till April 1?"


Sorry, Urban Ladder. And you’re all welcome, sleep-enthusiast readers who were typing out their resignations.