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    Posted on 30 Sep 2015

    Bollywood Is Cheering For Priyanka Chopra's "Quantico", And It's The Cutest Thing Ever

    ♫ Oh, I think that I've found myself a cheerleader ♫

    Priyanka Chopra is killing it right now, from billboards in Times Square to appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

    While the U.S. has already had the pleasure of seeing the pilot episode of Chopra's FBI drama Quantico, India has to wait until Oct. 3 for it to air here.


    And everyone is eagerly waiting for that day to arrive:

    Here's @Anushkasharma cheering on @priyankachopra.. Only #4DaysToQuantico

    Including all of Chopra's Bollywood pals.

    Awww. Time for some family love! Thank you @ParineetiChopra! Loved your heartfelt shout out. #3DaysToQuanticoInIndia

    The gorgeous @deespeak is as excited about #Quantico as we are! Bring it on! #4DaysToQuantico

    Several of them are tweeting videos congratulating PC on her success...

    Thank you @LaraDutta for such kind words! @priyankachopra only 4 days to go for #QuanticoOnStarWorld

    ... And counting down the days till we finally get to see her as FBI agent Alex Parrish.

    .@DinoMorea9 is right.. No matter how you say it.. It still means that there is only #4DaysToQuantico thank you Dino!

    5 days to go for Quantico! Homegirl @priyankachopra making us proud, so this was the least i could do!

    While others just tweeted their congratulations and sent their love.

    loads and loads of love @priyankachopra !!! #Quantico

    Goo pee ceeeeeee @priyankachopra wohoooo #Quantico !!!! Can't wait to see this happen ;) girl power and how !!!

    Give it up people...@priyankachopra marks her debut on American television in style...bring it on I say...#Quantico

    A moment of nail-biting nervousness & heart pounding excitement with @priyankachopra as #Quantico hits the screens!

    @priyankachopra hahaha .. respect the fact that success has not changed you... Btw, your show looks super-cool 👍🏻 #Quantico

    @priyankachopra Shine like a Diamond👍👍👍👍👍#Quantico ! Super proud and happy for you!

    For industry that's constantly called catty, this is pretty damn cute, you guys.

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