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People Are Trying To Figure Out What This Cryptic Tweet By Sushant Singh Rajput To IIFA Means

He's a man of mystery.

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While there was no actual explanation for the statement, people took it upon themselves to deduce what the actor meant.

When you don't get any awards despite dancing at the award show.

And a lot of it was the speculation that Rajput was miffed by losing out in his category.

Acting Acting Yes Papa Getting awards No Papa Telling Lies No Papa Open your mouth..

Some people thought that it was pointed at nepotism winning over merit once again.

@Mayannkk @itsSSR @IIFA Audience don't care abt nepotism and this is the main Kerala this shit doesn't e…


And of course, Twitter being Twitter, the now famous statement has become the subject of quite of few jokes.

IIFA: 'Raabta' has made Indian film industry proud! SSR:

Sushant Sushant -Yes papa Msd Biopic worked coz u? -Yes papa Telling lie? -No papa Raabta's collections? -

Rajput followed up his mystery tweet with one that thanked the organisers at IIFA for a memorable night.

& what a great night to experience. Big congratulations to @ColorsTV & @IIFA for such a successful event. tonight a…