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    19 Subtitles From Indian Movies That Never Cease To Amaze Me

    Lost in translation.

    1. Translation game A+.

    2. Same question tho.

    3. There was no need for this.

    4. Must have missed this line in Andaz Apna Apna.

    5. Pretty sure this killed the mood.

    6. Wow, Bollywood really discussing fingering willy-nilly.

    7. I'm thoroughly confused as well, tbh.

    8. That's mighty impressive.

    9. Same, Rani. Same.

    10. Umm...

    11. Makes sense?

    12. No clue what they're trying to say.

    13. That's actually really deep.

    14. We should probably have dinner first.

    15. Did someone's face fall on the keyboard?

    16. Yep, probably.

    17. Nope.

    18. TMI.

    19. Who doesn't really.

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