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20 Things That People Who Love Spicy Food Will Relate To

The best things in life are usually dipped in hot sauce, tbqh.

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1. Every restaurant you've ever visited had to replace their bottle of hot sauce after your meal.

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2. Your friends never let you order for everyone, for fear of there being no "normal and not fire in my mouth" kind of food.

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3. There's never enough space in your kitchen cabinets.

4. Before you try out any new restaurant, you first check the menu to see if they have enough spicy food.

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5. And when the waiter finishes taking your order, you follow up with "make it extra spicy."


6. It's a little difficult to find your food sometimes because it's always doused in sauces or chili flakes.

7. Every time you order Chinese food, a "send extra Schezwan sauce" is necessary.


8. And then you try not to overreact when the delivery guy comes and says, "Sorry, I forgot the extra sauce."

9. The question of "spicy or sweet" really comes into play when you meet someone new.

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There's only one right answer.

10. Your friends know enough to stay away from any food you're eating unless they want a belly full of fire.

11. And they take sick pleasure in watching someone who doesn't know about your fiery preferences.

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12. You just don't understand when people who eat bland food rave about how delicious it is.

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13. When you visit a foreign place, your aim is to find spicy food there that surpasses your own country's level of spice.

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14. And trying new ways to make your food spicy is what you live for.

15. At weddings and social functions when there's a particular spicy dish that every one is avoiding, it just means that there's more for you.

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And you'll go for seconds and thirds too.

16. After eating something with hot sauce or masala in it, you forget to wash your hands and your eyes feel like the surface of a thousand suns.

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Happens more often than you'd think, tbh.

17. Friends are always asking you how your stomach can handle all the fire that you keep throwing into your body.

18. And when they say, "It can't be healthy for you," you'll just give them a smug look...

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19. ... And explain to them that spicy food is actually really healthy for you.

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20. And when people say, "You can't make everything spicy," all you can do is laugh...

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... Because where there's a will, there's a way.

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