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    Here's What Happened When Dudes Tried On Sanitary Pads

    "There's no healthy breeze around my privates anymore."

    Menstruation in India is quite a taboo topic, and kept hush-hush like a secret being kept from men. As a small step toward normalising what, for women, is a monthly mundanity, BuzzFeed got dudes to try on sanitary pads.

    I was one of those dudes. Hello.

    We were first shown, by our patient and kind colleagues, what pads look like. Baby steps.

    And then we were walked through the process of putting them on.

    We were then sent off to put on our own, and immediately got our first glimpse into the many nuanced feelings that come with menstruation.

    We suddenly had concerns we'd never had to deal with before.


    And, although we had an incredible amount to begin with, we ended our day with still increased respect and admiration for every single woman we've ever met.

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