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    I Got Called Out By Kriti Sanon For Accidentally Sharing This Fake Photo Of Her

    I need to work on my Kriti-cal thinking skills.

    So, the day started off as usual, I came into work, and started cruising the internet.

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    I came across this image of Kriti Sanon wearing what looks to be a dress made with the new ₹2000 note as a design (which is awesome).

    Of course, I immediately researched the dress and found that it had been reported about by multiple websites.

    I felt great knowing that such a creation existed. Of course, my next order of business was to tweet a joke about it.

    when you hit an atm that has only ₹2000 notes

    My tweet seemed to have incited curiosity amongst my fellow internet denizens. Of course, I replied with full gusto, with all the information at my disposal.

    Twitter: @AndreBorges28

    I had no actual information, I just wanted there to be a little more light in the world.

    Then came one Ravi Kapoor who did wayyyy more investigating into the matter than I did. He tagged Kriti. Baller move, tbh.

    And lo and behold she answered!

    Kriti even shared a non-photoshopped version of the picture.

    So in conclusion: The picture was photoshopped, I have a tiny brain, and the world is a little bit darker because there's no dress with a ₹2000 note design.

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