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    Smriti Irani Stands In Line At Starbucks And Buys Her Own Coffee Just Like You

    I really wouldn't want to be the barista that misspells her name.

    Delhi-based writer Nimish Dubey recently uploaded a post on Facebook which shows Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani standing in line at a Starbucks in Delhi.

    Facebook: nimish.dubey

    Look at her on the phone, probs making important decisions for the country while ordering her Java Chip Frapp*.


    *I'm not sure if she drinks a Java Chip, but that's my fav so I'm just gonna assume errbody loves it.

    According to Dubey, Irani often comes in and waits in line like everybody else, without any entourage. Basically just like the rest of us.


    I don't even have three friends to take to Starbucks.

    And well she also most likely* faces problems like this, as we all do.

    BuzzFeed India / Via

    *Once more, I'm obligated to say that I really have no idea what they write on her cup, but they keep messing up my name, so...

    In conclusion:

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