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16 Struggles Only Dudes With Taller Girlfriends Will Understand

Heels are the bane of our existence.

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1. Taking pictures is always quite a task. / Via

2. And dancing takes a little more effort.

Greg Woolf / Via Flickr: geowulf

3. Holding hands while walking comes with its own challenges.

4. Formal functions are the worst, because she tends to tower over you.

Strdel / Getty Images

5. And kissing is kinda of strenuous on your ankles.

6. You need a chair just to put your hand around her, which is frankly inconvenient.

Who carries a chair with them all the time?

7. People are constantly confusing you for her younger brother.

8. She grumbles because your clothes always fall short on her.

9. People look at the two of you and say "awww, that's cute" with their head tilted to one side.

Rick Diamond / Getty Images


10. Which then leads to questions like, "How did you do it?" and "What's your secret?"

11. Your S.O.'s friends also wonder why she's dating you.

12. Which makes you paranoid that she might secretly wish you were a few inches taller.

"I'm just going to take one picture with him, just so I don't have to take off my heels."
Mike Coppola / Getty Images

"I'm just going to take one picture with him, just so I don't have to take off my heels."


13. Trying to carry her gets more LOLs than any joke you've ever told.

14. It hurts your ego to have to ask her to get you things off of high shelves.

Netflix / Via

15. It's just more convenient for you to be the little spoon.

And more comfortable too.

And more comfortable too.

16. And all her friends' tall boyfriends give you a complex.

But at the end of the day, when you really think about it, you realize all these problems are made up...

And it's COMPLETELY arbitrary that we have "rules" for which member of a relationship should be taller.

CBS / Via

Your ego, your self-worth, and your ability to love aren't based on your height...

And you care about one another more than you care about dumb made-up rules.