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    24 Situations That Will Baffle Any Upper Middle Class Indian

    I'm bratty and I know it ♫

    1. When it's past 3pm and the chai dude hasn't even come yet. Where does chai come from when there's no chai wala? Can one make it themselves? UGHHH.

    2. When your cigarette guy doesn't have your brand and you're forced to smoke Gold Flake. #HELP #CRISIS #LIFESUX

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    3. When you're forced to climb up to your three-bedroom apartment because the lift is under maintenance.

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    I'll just wait downstairs until we've invented a way for humans to fly, thanks. #Eww

    4. When you fall one episode behind your friends on "Game of Thrones" because your SUPPOSEDLY high speed internet connection isn't working.

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    5. When there's too much whipped cream on your Java Chip Frappuccino.



    6. When the wifi isn't strong enough to power your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook at the same time.


    How am I supposed to know who's saying what on Twitter, and who's wearing what on Instagram, and what's happening on Homeland ALL AT ONCE? #Unfair #Pray4me #Eww

    7. When your dhobi takes one day off, and you have to teach yourself how to use a clothes iron for the first time.

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    This is a good enough reason to skip work, no?

    8. When you want to watch India play Pakistan on a big screen but your TV is only 50 inches :'(

    9. When you have to walk a five minute distance because no rickshaw driver will take you.

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    10. When you're forced to take the train because there will be too much traffic by road.

    11. When you have to pay high electricity bills because all the rooms in the house have to have an active air conditioner.

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    12. When Ola only has kaali peelis available and you're like, why did I download this app if I'm traveling like a plebe anyway?

    13. When the restaurant you're at is out of Stellas and Coronas and you have to drink a domestic beer.

    14. When you get a new driver and you have to re-explain where all of your friends live.

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    15. When the smoking section of your office is more than 10 steps away.

    Yash Raj Films / Via Imaan Sheikh / Via

    #ugh #ew #Theworst #thestruggleisreal

    16. When Starbucks is closed and you have to go to Cafe Coffee Day instead.



    17. When you have to wait for ten whole minutes to get a table at your favourite restaurant.

    18. When your 3G isn't working and you can't load any songs on Saavn.

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    19. When you lose your iPhone and need a new one but the next iPhone is coming out in 2 months.

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    20. When your frenemy buys the same car as you, two days after you bought yours. SAME COLOUR AND EVERYTHING. #Rude

    http://B.M.B. Pictures

    #Ew #Seriously

    21. When the AC doesn't work in the office and you have to make do with just the two fans.

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    22. When your office is down a one way lane and you have to walk an extra 20 steps to get there.



    23. When you step out of your house, and the first rickshaw driver you see isn't willing to take you where you want to go.

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    24. And most devastating of all: When your bai doesn't show up and you actually have to, like, lift a finger.

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    #Truestory #Ew

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