24 Situations That Will Baffle Any Upper Middle Class Indian

I'm bratty and I know it ♫

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1. When it's past 3pm and the chai dude hasn't even come yet. Where does chai come from when there's no chai wala? Can one make it themselves? UGHHH.

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3. When you're forced to climb up to your three-bedroom apartment because the lift is under maintenance.

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I'll just wait downstairs until we've invented a way for humans to fly, thanks. #Eww

6. When the wifi isn't strong enough to power your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook at the same time.

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How am I supposed to know who's saying what on Twitter, and who's wearing what on Instagram, and what's happening on Homeland ALL AT ONCE? #Unfair #Pray4me #Eww

7. When your dhobi takes one day off, and you have to teach yourself how to use a clothes iron for the first time.

8. When you want to watch India play Pakistan on a big screen but your TV is only 50 inches :'(

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10. When you're forced to take the train because there will be too much traffic by road.

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#Ew #Ew

12. When Ola only has kaali peelis available and you're like, why did I download this app if I'm traveling like a plebe anyway?

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13. When the restaurant you're at is out of Stellas and Coronas and you have to drink a domestic beer.

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