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Shiamak Davar Accused Of Sexual Abuse By Two Male Canadian Students

The petitions were filed on May 6, at the Supreme Court in British Columbia. Davar has categorically denied all the allegations.

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Shiamak Davar is a prominent Bollywood choreographer, who currently has dance schools in six countries all over the world.

He has also been regarded as a spiritual leader and guru of the VRRP Spiritual Learning group, amassing followers from all around.

On May 6, two former students of Davar submitted lawsuits against the choreographer at the British Columbia Supreme Court, citing that he sexually abused them.

Percy Shroff, 40, and Jimmy Mistry, 33, both of whom reside in North Vancouver, claim that Davar touched them in appropriately, and took advantage of them, because of his position. They go on to claim that this went on for several years.

Both men were from Mumbai, and moved to North Vancouver to help Davar with his dance school.

In a report published by CBC News, Shroff stated, "He started kissing my neck, then he told me to lie down on top of him, and he told me to grind my crotch into his crotch."

After the interaction, the lawsuit by Shroff claims that Davar punished him, saying that if he did not continue in these activities, his soul would not progress spiritually. Shroff states that in the dance performances that followed, he was left behind, and not invited to go for an out-of-town performance.

"He was just publicly humiliating me … because I wasn't giving him what he wanted … which was reciprocating to sexual acts," claims Shroff.

Mistry, the second complainant, in his lawsuit claims that he was a core member of the dancing group, and that he was manipulated into "sexual submission" by Davar.

He alleges that Davar would touch him, and other boys, inappropriately, and that he would even invite some of the dancers into his room and make them touch his body.

According to a report by Scroll, Davar has categorically disputed all of the allegations petitioned against him.

In his response to the lawsuits, Davar has stated that he has never indulged in any "inappropriate sexual relations" with any of his students, and that the allegations against him are completely false.