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    Someone Please Teach The BBC How Tennis Works; They Keep Reporting Hingis Won Doubles Matches Alone

    Sania Mirza was kinda there too, you guys.

    Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis bagged their second consecutive Grand Slam title after winning the US Open women's doubles on Sunday.

    Al Bello / Getty Images

    Several media outlets reported the news:

    And a lot of people tweeted congratulations:

    Congrats @MirzaSania and @Leander and cheers to @mhingis ! Unstoppable megastars, all!

    Got to say that @MirzaSania and @Leander are doing amazing things for Indian tennis. Congrats! Also lets give Martina Hingis a passport pls.

    BBC UK reported the news as well, except they only congratulated Hingis.

    Hingis wins US Open doubles title

    Which, as expected, caused a shitstorm on Twitter:

    We all knew that Sania Mirza was a media created hype. BBC got the facts right and dispelled the myth!😂😂😂😂 #USOpen

    You racist BBC, it takes two to win a doubles match. Sania Mirza also won!

    @BBCNews Dear Sir/Madam, How can one woman win doubles?

    @BBCNews Such an inappropriate headline from a leading news service.

    .@BBCNews Hello Read: 'US Open Doubles' See Pix: Two Players Get the picture?

    Mirza also quickly rose to the top trend in India.


    This isn't the first time the BBC has credited Hingis alone for winning a Grand Slam doubles title. In July, when Hingis AND Mirza won the Wimbledon doubles finals, their tweet neglected to mention Hingis's partner.


    Well, let's hope they get it right next time.

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