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Shah Rukh Khan Just Sent Paulo Coelho The Most Amazing Gift

Looks like the universe conspired to make them best friends.

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In August, renowned author Paulo Coelho declared that Shah Rukh Khan starrer My Name Is Khan was the best movie he has watched this year.

"My name is Khan" (2009) is the best movie I watched this year

SRK, who was flattered by the compliment, said that he would supply Coelho with all his movies as they release.

@paulocoelho send me your address sir I will supply you all indian films as they release. We read u as soon as u write...v r blessed. Thanx

And he finally made good on his promise.

What a Monday morning gift, @iamsrk !!! Now I need to know where to start

And also asked fans to recommend which movies the author should watch first.

Just sent sum movies to @paulocoelho. Please tweet him ur suggestions which one to watch first.

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