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India's Olympic Goodwill Ambassador Didn't Know The Name Of The Woman Who Made Olympic History

Reason 239492 why Salman should STFU already.

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He could have just attended the event, smiled, and moved on. But when has he passed up an opportunity for jackassery.


And then in a move that actually falls perfectly in line with his dumbfuckery, he didn't even know Dipa Karmakar's name.

And well, at least people caught on to his absolute lack of knowledge. Because it's not like India's selected goodwill ambassador for the Olympics should remember the name of the woman who made Olympic history.

You can check out the entire trainwreck that is Mr. Khan here:

Deepika? Dipti? Except there is no Dipti! @BeingSalmanKhan gets gymnast #DipaKarmakar​'s name wrong #ITVideo

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