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Umm, A Guy Tried To Vote Using A Photo ID With Salman Khan’s Face On It

He was obviously not allowed to.

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On February 2, Hyderabad held Municipal Corporation elections, and citizens came out to cast their votes.

BUUUUTT, one voter walked in with a very interesting voter identity card. Mostly because it had a picture of Salman Khan as his own. Not to mention he used the actor's name AND his dad's name.

It happens only in India ! @BeingSalmanKhan listed as a voter in Hyderabad #UpSouth

And since Salman Khan is kinda a familiar face, the man wasn't allowed to vote.

Via Twitter: @Iamtssudhir

The card also stated that the man was 64 years old, and that his father's name is Saleem Khan. The actor's actual age is 50, and his father's name is Salim Khan.