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    Posted on 25 Jul 2016

    Indian Judiciary Upholds Tradition Of Forgiving Rich & Famous; Salman Khan Acquitted For Poaching

    The Rajasthan High Court has declared him not guilty in the 1998 poaching cases.

    On July 25, the Rajasthani High Court presented a verdict of not guilty in the poaching cases against Salman Khan. Basically, he has been acquitted, and will walk scot-free, absolved of all his crimes.

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    According to Times Now, Salman Khan faced jail time if he had been found guilty in the "blackbuck" case against him.

    Khan was one of seven accused of killing a blackbuck and a chinkara in two separate incidents. One of the animals was killed at Bhawad near Jodhpur on September 26, 1998, and the other at Ghoda Farms on September 28, 1998.

    Hindustan Times / Getty Images

    Twitter, of course, has immediately started commenting about the entire fiasco.

    #SalmanVerdict Salman, what do you want to say about Indian Judiciary System Salman Khan:

    Glad they proved in court that the black buck took a gun and shot itself and Salman had nothing to do with it. Clear case of suicide.

    POWER & MONEY MATTER : Salman Khan acquitted in black buck poaching case.. #SalmanKhan

    Only celebrity cases make us realise how dead slow judiciary works .it's scary it took 20yrs for court to decide Salman khan is not guilty

    Salman Khan acquitted in poaching case after 18 years. Probably because all the victim's friends and relatives have already died of old age.

    No one killed the black buck. #SalmanKhan

    Last year, Khan was acquitted in the 2002 hit-and-run case by the Bombay High Court.

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