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This Guy Solved The World's Hardest Rubik's Cube And It Took Him 7 And A Half Hours

YouTuber Kenneth Brandon AKA RedKB solved the 17X17X17 Rubik's Cube that has a quinquagintatrecentillion different possible combinations.

Brandon says in the video, "The way you solve a 17 by 17 is just like you would a seven by seven, or a five by five. If you can solve one of those then the 17 by 17 isn’t that hard, but it is very, very tedious."


While solving the puzzle, Brandon explains that the best approach is the "reduction method" — solving from the centre first and then moving on to the edges.

Here's the time lapsed video that let's you see the entire 7 hour process in under 7 minutes.

View this video on YouTube

But if you have an entire work day to go through the intricate algorithms used in the solving of the cube, here you go:

View this video on YouTube

You sir, are pretty damn impressive.

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