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    Rohan Joshi Live-Tweeted Standing In Line At A Bank And It's Pretty Damn Hilarious

    "Today I've heard everything from 'I know an actor who has 6 crore cash at home' to 'World War III is starting in March 2017'."

    India is in disarray right now, owing to the government's decision to discontinue ₹500 and ₹1,000 in a move to curb corruption and black money.

    Money Sharma / AFP / Getty Images

    Because of the swift decision, ATMs and banks across the country have been flooded with people trying to withdraw cash and exchange the now illegal notes.

    Chandan Khanna / AFP / Getty Images

    Comedian Rohan Joshi is one such citizen just trying to get enough liquid cash to survive day-to-day. And while there, he decided to live-tweet the thoughts and feelings of everybody standing in a queue on this fine Friday morning.

    Queues, while tiresome, are the best place to just listen to people talk. Just the range of things you hear. This bank queue is SUPERB fun

    And so Joshi took us on a wondrous journey.

    Frustration seemed to be the dominant emotion.

    Predictions were made.

    Disillusionment by the staff followed.

    And basically emotions were off the charts.

    Revelations were made.

    At the end, it seems apparent that bank workers are just as affected as the rest of us.

    Rohan Joshi has now gained some life lessons that he would never have gotten if he hadn't stepped into that line.

    Thanks, Rohan. You are an inspiration to us all.

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