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    This Experiment By Redditors Proves You Shouldn't Believe Anything Sent On Your Family WhatsApp Group

    UNESCO declared this experiment the best experiment of all time.

    Two days ago, Redditor BollyMad asked the talented folk at r/india to help come up with an awesome WhatsApp rumour.

    And the most creative minds in the universe put their thinking caps on and dove straight in.

    Of course, many fine, fine gems came out of the whole brainstorm.

    And just 48 hours later, one of the ideas made its way to the most viral of viral mediums โ€“ a WhatsApp family group. Redditor aashish2137 uploaded a screenshot of the message making it to his family group.

    And of course, they went ham celebrating their momentous achievement.

    Congrats, guys.


    Side note: Understandably, the celebrations soon turned into everyone discussing how family groups are the worst.

    Everybody on WhatsApp rn:

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