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    25 Jul 2017

    Ranbir Kapoor Says Actors Are Forced To Come On "Koffee With Karan" Even When They Don't Want To

    The actor spilled the revelation during a podcast with All India Bakchod.

    Koffee With Karan is probably one of India's most watched talk shows.


    It's a coveted couch for the A-list stars of Bollywood to discuss their lives and their upcoming films. And the most juicy part for the audience is when they divulge secrets.


    Now, it's pretty clear that the biggest stars of that year are invited to appear that season, but in a recent AIB podcast, Ranbir Kapoor shed a little more light on how actors are made to appear on the show.


    The episode Ranbir is talking about was from earlier this year, where he appeared on KwK alongside Ranveer Singh.


    He went on to explain that he was so fed up with it, that he and Anushka Sharma planned to rally other actors to protest the whole thing.


    In fact he expressed his reluctance to be on the show, while on the show itself.

    You can check out the AIB podcast here:

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