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    Updated on 25 Aug 2020. Posted on 30 Dec 2014

    A Panchayat In Rajasthan Has Ordered That A Rape Survivor's Nose Be Cut Off

    At the accused rapist's request.

    A caste Panchayat in Rajasthan's Barmer village has reportedly ordered that a Dalit rape survivor's nose be chopped off, at the request of the suspected rapist.

    Sajjad Hussain / Stringer / Getty

    The Hindustan Times reported that on Monday, the victim sought police protection from her alleged rapist and the villagers from her locality. HT also said that the suspect in the rape is reportedly her father-in-law.

    In Rajasthan, in smaller localities such as the village in question, caste Panchayats are groups of elders that dictate the law and settle disputes.

    The woman alleges that her father-in-law harassed her ever since she got married, and then raped her in September.

    After she complained to the police, he was taken into custody and awaited a trial.

    However, HT reports that he was released on bail, after which he proceeded to organise a caste Panchayat that decided to physically maim her.

    On 19 December, members of the Panchayat attempted to carry out the punishment, but as per statements she hid at her maternal home with the help of her father.

    Dhorimanna police station in-charge Devichand Dhaka stated in the HT report that investigations are under way.

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