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Rahul Gandhi Fell Asleep In Parliament Again, And Twitter Just Went In

Snooze you lose, bro.

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Rahul Gandhi tends to get sleepy during parliamentary sessions. And what's worse, he keeps getting caught on camera.

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And on this fine Wednesday, Mr. Gandhi was once again found counting sheep during a Lok Sabha session.

Lok Sabha TV

As expected, Twitter weighed in:

Please don't make fun of Rahul Gandhi sleeping in the Parliament. This is his best contribution to the nation.

Guys calm down. Rahul Gandhi was NOT sleeping in Parliament..

Shame on you guys, #RahulGandhi wasn't sleeping, he was just thinking about collecting his next #PokemonGO

Martin Luther King: I have a dream. Rahul Gandhi: Me too.

Don't you think rahul gandhi sleeping is still better than rahul gandhi speaking?

Why is there so much uproar over Rahul Gandhi taking a nap during Parliamentary debate? I'd say, from nappy to nap is a huge step forward

We I hear someone calling 46 years old Rahul Gandhi as Rahul Baba, I assume, the life expectancy of an average Indian male is 500 years

It needs guts to sleep in Parliament when whole country is watching u, I can't even sleep in office fearing my manager. Respect Rahul Gandhi

Maybe grab some shut eye before coming next time, Rahul.

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