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    23 Life Situations As Presented By WWE

    Actors paid to fake-wrestle one another in front of thousands of people – they're just like us!

    1. When you walk into a room and you're waiting for your ex to notice you.

    2. When you successfully get out of a family dinner.

    3. When you're trying to not be creepy and flirt with the cute girl at the end of the bar.

    4. And when the flirting actually works out.

    5. When you walk into a party and you're the most dressed up person in the room.

    6. When you're losing a fight with your SO, and you say the stupidest possibly thing anyone has ever said. Ever.

    7. When you're standing in line, and someone tries to cut you.

    8. When your parents tag team to ask you questions like "Why aren't you married yet?" and "What do you mean you're a writer?"

    9. When your current's ex is talking about you at a party, and you show them who won in the end.

    10. When your perpetually single friend is giving you dating advice.

    11. When your best friend says that they'd rather stay in, eat pizza, and watch Netflix on a Saturday night.

    12. When your boss asks you where the work you were supposed to do this weekend is, and you can't even remember this weekend because you were too hammered.

    13. When you think you have life all figured out, and then life just punches you in the face.

    14. When you walk into a club and see way too many people who are definitely underage.

    15. When you see someone trying to steal the cab you just hailed in the rain.

    16. When you get hit on by strange men at a club.

    17. When you win an argument with the resident know-it-all of the group.

    18. When your co-worker won't STFU on Monday morning.

    19. When you're stoned as fuck and you hear police sirens, which you obviously assume are coming for you.

    20. When someone mentions your ex in front of your current SO.

    21. When people post spoilers about last night's episode of The Walking Dead on Facebook.

    22. When your friend texts you saying "I'm just five minutes away".

    23. And of course: every single day of your life. Literally all the time. Forever.