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    India's Meme-Famous "Gold Man" Was Bludgeoned To Death In Front Of His Son

    Police suspect that a financial dispute was the cause of the attack.

    Datta Phuge, the Pune businessman who became famous as the "gold man" after being photographed in this 3.5 kg shirt made of gold, was reportedly beaten to death on July 15.

    According to NDTV, the 48-year-old was allegedly attacked by a group of men who used sickles and huge stones to beat him to death. Phuge's 22-year-old son was also present at the scene but was spared by the attackers.

    Police said in a statement, Phuge and his son were on their way to a birthday party that was to be hosted by one of the suspects. They suspect that a financial dispute was the cause of the attack and announced that they have apprehended four suspects.

    Phuge shot to fame four years ago when he first donned his iconic 22-carat gold shirt billed as the most expensive shirt in the world at the time at ₹1.27 crore.

    Strdel / AFP / Getty Images

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