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    Posted on 22 Jun 2017

    28 Photos Which Show How Different America And India Are

    Still the best country to grow up in though.

    1. Rite of passage in America:

    Rite of passage in India:

    2. Police in America:

    Hector Mata / AFP / Getty Images

    Police in India:

    3. Dating in America:

    Oneinchpunch / Getty Images

    Dating in India:

    4. News in America:


    News in India:

    Times Now

    5. Achievements in America:

    Achievements in India:

    6. TV shows in America:


    TV shows in India:

    7. Birthdays in America:

    Getty Images

    Birthdays in India:

    8. Exercise in America:

    Kjekol / Getty Images

    Exercise in India:


    9. Cooking in America:

    Getty Images

    Cooking in India:

    10. Performances in America:

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Performances in India:

    Dj Bobby

    11. Shopping in America:

    Getty Images

    Shopping in India:

    12. Exams in America:

    Getty Images

    Exams in India:


    13. Directions in America:

    Astrid Galvan / AP

    Directions in India:

    14. Weddings in America:

    Getty Images

    Weddings in India:

    TheParadise / Via

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