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People Are Photoshopping Dhaka’s Streets To Claim That The Blood Flood Didn’t Actually Happen

It actually did.

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On September 13, Dhaka’s streets were flooded with red water, a combination of the blood of sacrificial animals spilled during Eid al-Adha and heavy rainfall from the night before.

Twitter: @naidusudhakar

Eid al-Adha is a three-day festival celebrated in the Islamic month of Zilhaj, where animals like cows, goats, lambs, and camels are sacrificed. The meat is commonly distributed to the poor and used for a celebratory feasts.

Several images made their way to social media as the story swiftly went viral.

Horrific streams of #blood were seen on #Dhaka Streets red with blood in wake of #EidAlAdha after animal sacrifice

A day after the actual incident, people began sharing a different version of the images, this time indicating that the blood was photoshopped in and the floods were normal.

[ Eid blood in Dhaka : Photo-Shop pictures go viral on social media ]

Several people were sharing reports that the images were photoshopped to show blood, claiming that a red effect was added to the original images to instigate anti-Muslim propaganda.

Eid blood in Dhaka : Photo-Shop pictures go viral on social media


But the images weren't actually photoshopped at all. In fact, the images without the blood were the doctored ones.

Several people have been trying to explain that the bloody flood photos are authentic.

This is the #bloodriver in Dhaka in reply to paid trolls questing the authenticity of @ZeeNews report on Eid.

Dhaka residents have also uploaded videos showing the floods.

View this video on YouTube

BuzzFeed spoke to Edward Rees, a resident of Dhaka, who confirmed that these floods did happen.

A bit of rain and Eid and the roads run red with blood. #Dhaka #Bangladesh

Rees told BuzzFeed News that the flooding was a result of heavy overnight rainfall combined with poor drainage systems. His friend took the pictures, and then Rees tweeted them.

Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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