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After Trudeau's Explanation Of Quantum Computing Went Viral, People Are Comparing It With Modi Talking About Science

I meeeeeean...

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On April 15, CBC News Politics uploaded a video in which a reporter jokingly asked Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to explain quantum computing to a room of physicists.

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The video quickly went viral, as Trudeau appeared to explain the concept perfectly.

Immediately after the video began blowing up, people started comparing it with the various instances that Modi has taken a stab at science.

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Here he is explaining how the Mahabharata is evidence that Indians discovered genetic science and plastic surgery.

And Modi talking about Global Warming.

Compilation of world leaders talking on science and technology. Must watch.

People are even taking this opportunity to resurface a classic Modi tweet.

Step aside @JustinTrudeau, you've gotta up your game. India: 1 Canada: 0

The internet: where a viral video from Canada only takes one day to become joke-fodder in India. Beautiful.