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People Are Legit Losing Their Shit Over How Hot Anil Kapoor's New Haircut Is

"Damn. Lakhan could still get it."

Everyone knows Anil Kapoor is a pretty iconic dude.

And off late, it's becoming more and more apparent that the guy just doesn't age. The man is 59 for god's sake and he looks younger than I am (I'm 26 btw).

Today, Anil got a pretty trendy haircut showing us he's embracing his immortality and keeping up with the times.

As soon as Anil shared his new look, people fuckin' lost their minds.

All sorts of parallels were made.

And of course, there was a whole ton of jhakaas.

Even other good-looking men couldn't handle Anil's swagger.

Basically, Anil Kapoor is killing it. And bloody hell, does he know it.

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