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    "Fuller House" Is Being Called Out For Its Weird Depiction Of Indian Culture

    The snake charmer must have been on his way.

    Netflix released the 13-episode first season of Fuller House, the much awaited follow up to Full House, on February 26.


    In the 11th episode, Stephanie and Kimmy decide to throw D.J.'s boss a surprise party, and since he just returned from India, the theme is Indian.


    Like EVERY house party in India, this one was attended by a decorated cow (obz).


    And, of course, there was rehearsed and coordinated Bollywood dancing.


    And err... Turbans.


    Predictably, a lot of people are unhappy with the show’s portrayal of Indian culture.

    The worst part about fuller house is when they culturally appropriate Indian culture for an episode

    I came, I saw, I conquered. Finally finished #FullerHouse. I enjoyed it except for the cultural appropriation in the Indian themed party ep.

    Ok I know everything is cultural appropriation these days but they made a bad move with the Indian party episode of fuller house

    Indian-themed party? No need for the cultural appropriation Fuller House. :|

    fuller house couldn't get one brown person to be on this Indian themed (read: cultural appropriation) episode??? #smh

    Oh my god #FullerHouse with the appropriation of Indian culture. Oh my god why does this happen?

    mmm the eleventh episode of fuller house has appropriation of indian culture theyre all dressed up with traditional clothes and bindis yikes


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