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    A Photographer Is Documenting The Stories Of Elderly Parsis Through These Stunning Portraits

    Capturing a vibrant community, all in black & white.

    For the last year, Mumbai-based photographer Kurush Umrigar has been attempting to document, through black and white portraits, the elderly Parsi community of India.

    Currently photographing interesting faces across India, Umrigar hopes to take the project international, he told BuzzFeed India.

    Mrs. Mithoo Kanga: She is 87 years old.

    "The end result of this project will hopefully materialise into a coffee table book," he added.

    Jimmy Rustomji: He is 85 years old, and was an athlete in his younger days.

    Mr. Wadia: He is about 94 years old, and a former taxi driver of almost 40 years, in Mumbai.

    The project is ongoing, and Umrigar is always on the lookout for interesting faces. He can be contacted through Instagram, or at

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