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    26 Oct 2016

    Once Again, Anushka Sharma Wants To Remind Us To Give Our Pets A Noise-Free Diwali

    "Diwali is a very, very, very difficult time for them."

    Anushka Sharma has always petitioned for everyone to have a noise-free diwali so that our pets can enjoy the holiday just as much as we do.

    And this year, she's once again asking us to do the same. Sharma uploaded a small Twitter video that begins with immense noise and Sharma asking for it to please stop.

    Of course, she's a human so when she yelled "stop", the noise stopped.

    Unfortunately, animals can't communicate with us and tell us when the noise is just too much.

    So Sharma urges us to celebrate the festival of lights the right way. You can check out the video here:

    It’s time your furry friends stopped hiding in some corner and joined you in your #Diwali celebrations. Have a…

    Let's do this.

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