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1 Feb 2016

14 Of The Funniest Tweets, Memes, And Jokes About The New Coldplay And Beyoncé Video

"The most Indian thing about the Coldplay video is the reaction."


When you're over white people playing gora the explorer


The most Indian thing about the Coldplay video is the reaction.


Really offended by Coldplay's video. It's completely offensive to my culture. Of being a person whose culture is to get offended.


Really disappointed that Coldplay did not contact twitter experts for their opinion before shooting the video of their new song.


Yusuf Pathan is at the crease longer than Sonam Kapoor was in the Coldplay video.


I've managed to make Beyonce's parts in the new Colplay song 10000x better..


Watched Coldplay's latest video, the ceiling fans in the theater had a longer airtime than Sonam Kapoor.


Waiting for someone to point out how Chris Martin is secretly a member of the RSS ! #HymnForTheWeekend


Watched the Coldplay video. Not much has changed in my life since. Going to have dinner now.


Idk what you guys are saying about the new Coldplay video. It looks like Coachella to me. 🐸☕


Mighty pissed that there's no snake charmer in the new Coldplay video shot in exotic India. I take my stereotypes very seriously.


why are we mad at Beyonce for cultural appropriation when we could be mad that she made us listen to a Coldplay song?


Dances to "Lean On" at every club. "Bro yeh Coldplay is cultural appropriationing. Not cool yaar."

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