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    A Filmmaker Traveled For Months To Make A Time-Lapse Video Breaking Stereotypes About India

    "I want to change the conventional perception of what India is, beyond the bullock carts and snake charmers," Arjun Menon told BuzzFeed.

    Arjun Menon, a 25-year-old filmmaker currently living in Mumbai, is on a mission to change the world's perceptions of India.

    Arjun Menon

    As the child of an army officer, he grew up all around the country and studied at more than 13 schools. "My (late) father made sure we explore places all around us, my childhood memories involve a lot of traveling to lesser known beautiful places," he explained. "I think this is the reason I decided to be a "travel" photographer soon after I got my degree in Life Sciences, which still sits locked up, collecting dust."

    In order to make this video, Arjun travelled India for 4 months and collected over 2 million images.

    Arjun Menon

    "I funded my idea by shooting weddings," he told BuzzFeed in an email. "My project involved months of travel to some stunning natural and architectural wonders in India... The locations here vary from Spiti Valley in the Himalayas to the beaches of Andaman Islands, Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh) from North Eastern India to the Taj Mahal in Agra."

    During his travels, Arjun had had the opportunity to explore India like few others have, from living with monks for 9 days at a monastery in Spiti Valley, to sleeping under the stars in Gette – one of the highest villages in the world.

    Arjun Menon
    Arjun Menon

    "As I entered the industry, I was bombarded by images and visuals which lead us to follow a stereotype, those with bullock carts, snake charmers and poverty all around," he said.

    "I always thought there is another side to the story as well and wanted to concentrate my effort to change this conventional perception. This series is my first attempt (hopefully many more to come) at showing that there is much more to India."

    Arjun Menon

    Watch the video in full here, and send it to the next person who asks you if you ride an elephant to work everyday:

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